The Boutique Bed and Breakfast

by Chia Yulo August 26, 2014

I love a good getaway. There really is something to be said about taking off and driving somewhere for a little rest and relaxation. Good food is definitely a bonus. Along the main road of Tagaytay is a white house known as The Boutique. This Bed and Breakfast was the first of its kind in the area, known for their different themed rooms named after the process of falling in love. 

The way up to the door is lined with fresh herbs. 

Upon checking in, I was led to the Pamper Me room where I was able to select not only my shampoo and conditioner but also the soap I was going to use and the diffuser scent for my room! I was told that they make all their products with materials sourced from one of the owners own farm.

Each room also has complimentary jars of both salty and sweet snacks (they really think of everything) and a Magic 8 Ball (in case you can't decide) which adds a fun and quirky twist. 

There little nooks around perfect for curling up to read a good book or just to relax. I took way too many naps this trip. Here I am in my Epworth Mint Color Block Maxi. It really is the best. So soft and comfy PLUS lots of room to eat, eat, eat which is good because this place takes breakfast in bed seriously.

Check out this spread! They have everything from bacon and waffles to more traditional Filipino breakfast, my absolute favorite being the Corned Beef Bulalo cooked to perfection and served with fried eggs and garlic rice. 

The evening is the perfect time to soak in the tub and get a massage. The Boutique serves freshly baked cookies at night perfect when paired with their yummy tablea hot chocolate.

 So am I going back?! I think the Magic 8 Ball answered that for me. 


Til the next trip!


Your Purveyor-at-Large,



Chia Yulo
Chia Yulo


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