A Seeker's Spin: Sara

by Anne Bella October 02, 2017

The Bourvil jumpsuit is the perfect canvas for Sara's grassroots accessories. 

Spanish beauty Sara Nicolas Gonzalez could very well been a Seeker way before she landed in our shores. The head of retail and merchandising for an e-commerce site is, we realize after stepping into her cozy loft, a kindred spirit as we see snippets of a life well-travelled. A straw hat from Colombia, tapestry from Peru, a handmade table runner by her mom from Spain and a well-stocked bar cart with different bottles of gin---complete with botanicals---caught our excited eyes. We notice cute hand painted bowls from her living room; turns out, she painted them herself. "I love DIY: from fashion to home décor. I love Anthropologie home stuff but I can’t always afford it, some I make my own; or I adapt old fashion goodies to the new trends. It's a fun and inexpensive way to give your old fashion staples new life." 

When it comes to her fashion sense, Sara describes it as classic, minimalist and chic. "Living in the tropics really limits your wardrobe to light pieces. I love to layer, but ever since I moved to Manila my style has gotten much more simple. I still wear blazers and scarves to work, but most of the time I go for a simple dress or high waist skirt. She loves her button down white crisp shirts and pencil skirts. "I will never wear anything I don’t feel comfortable in. I like wearing things that make me feel sure of myself, so if I need to worry about my outfit then its definitely not a right choice. It doesn’t matter what the trend is, if it doesn’t fit me, I will never fall for it." Sounds just about right. Scroll down to see how Sara wears STU finds with her own signature flair. 

"This is my boyfriend's shirt," Sara says of the pinstripe polo she sports with the Barchi printed linen wrap skirt. 

Gin lovers live here. 

Staying true to her wanderlust roots by styling Intricado's Aarav kaftan with her own skinny jeans. 

The hat that almost got away...

We love how the kaftan fits right in with her pillow covers!

Baskets everywhere to hold everything. 

Details of the gorgeous table runner made by her mom. A sweet surprise after mentioning she wanted an expensive version from a shop. Now you know where she got her skillzzzz.

Pretty table settings peppered with local flair. 

Sara spruces up the minimalist Kochbani shorts set with vibrant accessories acquired from globe-trotting. 

Botanicals neatly stored in their own cubes. 

Lounging in bed wearing the Mirabeau top and her brocade skirt.  


Happy seeking, ladies! 



Anne Bella
Anne Bella


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