Blend and Snap: Get Picture-Perfect with the Pro Studio Airbrush Sponge

by Japs Medina August 22, 2018

Blend and Snap: Get Picture-Perfect with the Pro Studio Airbrush Sponge

The quest for perfectly blended foundation just got real and we’re tossing our two cents in.

After the likes of beauty vloggers Michelle Phan and Pony broke the internet, everyone is racing to upgrade their selfie game. The beauty world quickly learned that good foundation is important but using the right tool is just as crucial – hence, makeup sponges of all shapes and sizes were born.

With each sponge promising different benefits for a flawless finish, our desire to seek the mother of all sponges intensified. We sought, we found, and the Pro Studio Airbrush Sponge conquered all of our blending fantasies.

Let us break it down for our fellow beauty seekers.

A sponge with an airbrush finish.

This beauty tool gained a cult following for its airbrush finish. While some sponges end up absorbing too much product, we love this for its low quantity pickup. This allows for that pigmented seamless coverage that only airbrushing can deliver.

Pointed corners for those hard-to-reach places.

Teardrop sponges gained popularity for its ability to go into the nooks and crannies of the face (yes nose and eye areas, we’re looking at you). The Pro Studio Airbrush Sponge comes with pointed edges to shine foundation light to the deepest recesses of your face.

Rounded sides to cover flat areas.

There are times when the kabuki brush just won’t have it, and a plump sponge swoops in to save the day. This sponge comes with rounded sides to conquer flat areas and the jawline. Tip: dampen for a dewy finish, use dry for full coverage.

Flat edges for the finishing touches.

Perhaps our favorite part is the flat edge. Some like to use this to cover fuller surfaces, but we prefer saving it for the pièce de résistance: contour and highlight. Give dimension to your flawless foundation by adding shadows and emphasis effortlessly.

All you need is a final dusting of the Imagic Illuminator Powder and you’re set to conquer your day.

Seek our edit of easy to use pro-beauty products here.

Japs Medina
Japs Medina


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