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by Japs Medina August 15, 2019

Changing up your bed decor has mental and emotional benefits

Changing up the design of a room every now and then matters more than most think. It’s not just an expensive hobby that a select privileged have, but it has actual benefits for mental and emotional health. The aesthetic of a room can do wonders for a person in the same vein that clutter can affect the productivity of most. Every now and then, changing up a thing or two in a room can greatly rejuvenate and refresh the people using the space. We especially find this important in the place of rest: the bedroom.

The bedroom is one of the more vital rooms in a home primarily because it is a place to disconnect from the chaos of every day. It is also one of the rooms that see few design changes over time because it’s not a place that guests usually visit. Much of change takes place in common areas. One shouldn’t neglect the power of freshening up the space of rest.

The bedroom is vital because it is a place to disconnect from the chaos of everyday 

If you’re looking to make quick changes to your bedroom without splurging or moving things around too much, we have a few suggestions for you:

1. Invest in bed runners.

Some might think that bed runners are only for hotels but they’re a great way to add character to your bedroom. The best part? You can get them in different designs and colors and just switch them up according to your mood easily and inexpensively. Think of them as bright, bold brushstrokes across a blank canvas.

Bed runners like this festive, tasseled one can quickly change up a bedroom's mood

Bet you didn't think your bed could wear neon patterns

2. Change up your throw pillow covers.

The idea behind this is the same as bed runners, except there is more flexibility with throw covers. You can opt to do them in the same pattern but different colors, or completely mix them up as far as your creativity can take you. You can even play around with different pillow shapes.

Go bold: don't be afraid to mix up different designs

Pillows in different shapes are fun to play around with

3. Replace your headboard.

If you are open to investing a bit more on your bed décor, we suggest switching out your headboard. That way, there’s no need to splurge on a whole bed frame and you can do it without the hassle of trying to lug huge pieces through doorways.

Change up your bed without the hassle of fitting bulky stuff into doorways by switching out your headboard

Japs Medina
Japs Medina


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