Seek Squad: Meet Nina, Our Accessories Merchandiser

by Japs Medina August 22, 2019

Meet the lovely lady behind our beautiful selection of shoes, bags, and accessories

Nina Quintos is a character of contrasts. On the onset, she seems reserved and pensive, but one only needs to spend a short time with her to realize that she’s quite a warm, chatty person. She exudes elegance, refinement, and restriction but only to a certain point. Beyond it lies freedom unabashed. There is a certain push and pull to her – something that draws you in but makes you want to step back and admire her from afar.

The same could be said of her style. There are certain rules and structures that she adheres to but others she breaks gleefully. She wears her clothes with class but over time, you notice her unique personality injected in the form of little quirks.

Get to know the lovely lady behind our beautiful selection of shoes, bags, and accessories.

What’s your position at Seek the Uniq?
Merchandise Planner. Product Stylist. Emergency/stand-in footwear model. I'm the shoes, bags and accessories purveyor. 

Describe your daily uniform.
I usually pair a loose-fitting top with everything from skirts to wide-leg pants or an oversize blazer with shorts or jeans.

Nina adheres to some rules and gleefully breaks others

What are three staple items in your closet that you can't live without?
Blazers, loose tops, and denims.

If your style had a soundtrack, what would it be?
The first thing that comes to mind is the 500 Days of Summer movie soundtrack. It's a wide range of modern, retro-rock, romantic, indie and classic songs. A little bit of everything really.

What do you love about your job?
I love curating the items that we get to sell on the site. The process of coming up with ideas and bringing those ideas to life the STU way, whether during product and fashion shoots or guide shop events is amazing, challenging but mostly enjoyable because of the STU team.

The accessories merchandiser loves to keep her style classic with a hint of edginess

If you could design an accessory for Seek the Uniq with no limitations on materials and cost, what would it look like?
It would probably be a long gold necklace with an asymmetrical mix of chains and/or hoops. You can remove other hoops to use as either rings or earrings, then you can hook/unhook the chains to use as layered necklaces. (Patent pending =P)

If you could take only three items from the STU site, what would they be and why?
This is almost impossible to answer as there are so many! At the moment though, I'm eyeing the Heyjow Oceana layered necklace, Yecora - White Floral tiered dress and Calamus Rattan Bar Cart just because. ;)

Tell us one styling story that you find memorable.
It would be during my first on-location shoot at a beach house in Batangas for 'The Getaway Plan' summer story. It was one of the biggest collections we ever shot, more than 50 looks, 2 models, and tons of bags, accessories, and footwear. I learned a lot, worked and laughed a whole lot with the team.

One of Nina's closet must-haves: a blazer

One of the perks of Nina's job is picking out gorgeous footwear

If you could style just one person (dead or alive), who would it be and why?
It's a tie between Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart (can't choose!) for an event. I love their fashion sensibilities, always so classic, feminine and edgy but never over the top.

Favorite fashion hack.
Balancing/mixing cold and warm weather separates because of the unpredictable weather in Manila. This encompasses covering either only the arms or legs ie. wearing an oversized denim jacket over a short, light dress, then tying the jacket on my waist if the sun decides to come out on an otherwise cloudy day.

What are some of your biggest fashion regrets?
Probably overthinking what people's opinions will be about my outfit, then ending up not wearing what I want. I can be a little bit analytical as someone has recently pointed out.

Learning to balance: Nina admits she can be analytical at times when it comes to styling

Styling pet peeve?
Skintight clothing with stilettos or insisting on having to wear only branded clothing.

Less or more? Why?
More. Better to always be extra than lacking.

If you could impart styling advice to our Seekers, what would it be?
Don't be afraid to try something new. Wear what makes you feel good, comfortable and most especially happy. Most probably, people will appreciate you more for being you.=)

Japs Medina
Japs Medina


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