The Lazy Girl's Daily Skincare

by Japs Medina September 09, 2018

The Lazy Girl's Daily Skincare

As much as we would all love to be Superwoman 24/7, our inner Lois Lane calls out to be saved from time to time. A busy career, kids, and the like leave us too exhausted to even take off our makeup after a long day.

According to a recent survey, the average woman has up to 12 skincare steps daily. This is basically torture when all you want to do is hit the sack. While we don’t advocate skipping your skincare routine and sleeping with junk on your face, we do feel your pain.

We came up with a 5-step daily skincare routine for days when your bed calls out for you:

1. Cleanse face with Zenutrients Foam Wash.

This Manila-bred brand boasts of using only high grade blends of the finest natural ingredients. Pump out a sizable dollop and remove the day’s stresses with this refreshing wash.

Available in Ginger (firming) and Argan (nourishing).

2. Spray on Phina's Little Factory Lemon Toner.

Nothing says lazy girl more than a spray-on toner. Cut out the extra uncapping and cotton dabbing steps with this natural acne-control spray. Made with lemon peel, glycerine, Vitamin E, and therapeutic grade essential oils.

3. Apply Green Mama Apple Cider Moisturizer.

This VCO-based product promises to even out skin tone and moisturize skin. It also contains other skinfood such as apple cider, apple oil, Vitamin E and alkaline water. Your skin will thank you in the morning.


Tip: VCO-based products can coagulate in cooler climates. Just run the bottle under warm water or rub the product between your hands.

4. Lightly pat on Zenutrients Argan & Cucumber Eye Cream.

Forget cucumber slices – this potent potion will do wonders for your tired peepers. Scoop out a pea sized amount with your ring finger and lightly dab around your eye area.

5. Slather on Provamed Tinted Sunblock.

If you find yourself with no time and on-the-go the next morning, this tinted sunblock is your best friend. It gives enough coverage without suffocating your skin. You can also wear this under your daily makeup.

Seek our full range of beauty products here.


Japs Medina
Japs Medina


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