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3 Mood-Boosting Looks Using Separates

It was one of those days when I was feeling blah, demotivated, and glum. Maybe the effects of our current situation has already caught up on me? Or was I just getting restless? Anyway, I tried to fight the feeling(ssssss) and turned to my closet. 

I took out my Verdal top (in Pine) and its matching Kethra pants, a set I'm completely bonkers about! I just love the balance of loose silhouettes and just a hint of skin, thanks to the cropped cut of the top. Plus, you can dress it up or pare it down, depending on the look you're going for. Here are three quick outfits I came up with.

Making Christmas Colors Work

The Verdal top and Kethra pants worn with sporty sandals

Sometimes, you just see beauty in the unexpected and pairing this set with my multicolored sporty sandals was but natural. Yes, I'm aware that it's very Christmas-y, but that's okay! While my footwear of choice isn't all red, I feel like this pop of color made the look quite interesting. Certain colors may seem tacky at first, but you'll never know until you try wearing them right?

Bring Out Your Signature Pieces

Balancing feminine with masculine by styling the Verdal top with jeans and white sneakers

When all else fails, reach for your signature pieces—mine is a pair of high waist jeans and white sneakers. Think of the Verdal top as an update on your basic tee, so have faith that most of your bottoms will definitely work with it. But if you want to skip on overthinking your outfit, grab your go-to's and you'll be out (or ready for WFH) in a jiffy. 

Mix in Prints

Go for vibrant prints when wearing the Kethra pants

To balance out the wide-leg cut of the Kethra pants, I went for a bold, striped top. The result is a play on colors and lines, which even creates the illusion of length—so yeah, I feel like I'm 5'9" here. Haha! Going for a bright, printed top with these pants make your look more playful and would therefore, cheer you up. Watch yourself feel jollier with just an outfit change—that's the power of clothes.

The fear of uncertainty may get to us any day, but we have to keep going. As simple as dressing up for that Zoom meeting or making yourself a mean cup of coffee, try to get on with the day and go that extra mile to boost your mood. I can say that after playing dress up with these separates, I did feel better. Counting my blessings and knowing that I am safe with my loved ones also helped. 

Hope you're all safe and well, dear Seekers!


5 Seekers Serving Some Style Inspo

As much as we love inspiring you with our fashion, home, beauty, and wellness stories, we also get inspiration from you, our dear Seekers. That's why we are always thrilled when you tag, mention, or feature us on your social media accounts. We keep tabs on them btw, so don't hesitate to share your STU finds—from fashion to home—anytime. Also, they're too awesome not to share to the STU community!

You have your own uniq styles, and we love seeing how you wear our pieces confidently. Ahead, check out these five Seekers for some serious style inspo.

Aissa (@aislerchic)

Aissa is bright as sunshine in our Molfetta dress

Aissa rocked this vibrant, feminine look featuring the Molfetta dress. Wearing full-on print can be tricky, so keep accessories to a minimum like how she styled it. We also love that she chose this embroidered bucket bag to pair with her summer-ready ensemble. 

Richelle (@richellejordanfrancisco)

Richelle dresses up her basics with the Terni blazer 

Richelle gives her basics an update in this classic with a twist look. She dressed up her tank-and-denim-shorts combo with our Terni blazer, some fun accessories, and an ultra-chic Rattan bag. We can't help but ogle at her minimalist sandals too!

Mia (@bravethewaves)

Mia lounges at home in the Tarnow dress

Who says you can't look stylish while being comfy at home? Certainly not Mia! She looked pastel perfect in our Tarnow dress—you can still cop the mint version!—with disc earrings, a top knot, and that winged eyeliner. If you're stuck in a rut while WFH, just grab your favorite dress and cute danglers for a style boost à la Mia.

Camille (@camillepatio)

Camille shows us that summer isn't cancelled with our Ruwa bolero set

If you've always wanted to don a crop top (or any belly baring top) but chicken out at the last minute, we recommend that you team it with high waist bottoms like Camille. Here, she kept the focus on the top's print by wearing it with fuss-free white shorts. This look gives us strong vacation vibes! Can we see a show of hands for those who want to bring back this bolero-and-tie-top set?

Katie (@instantgoddess)

Katie in a delicious OOTD featuring our Iznajar set

Katie is clearly a #colourlover (check out her IG for more colorific looks)! She wore our Iznajar set—from our past collections—with flair, complete with her other picture-perfect pieces. Uplift your mood on a gloomy day by going for something vibrant, just like Katie.

Hope your fellow Seekers gave you a dose of inspiration from how they styled their STU pieces. How are you wearing yours? Don't forget to tag us with #SeektheUniq on social!


5 Top Spring/Summer 2020 Runway Trends to Spot in STU

How's it going, dear Seekers? We're almost two weeks in under the Enhanced Community Quarantine and I hope the days have been treating you well. The news in the country and around the world has been getting crazier; though we need to keep abreast on the latest, we can always take a break from all that hullabaloo.

Among other things, we like keeping you updated on fashion. STU may not be a trend-driven brand, but it is our duty to be informed on the current trends and probably apply what would best resonate with our stories, once in a while. Thus, we've rounded up five of the top Spring/Summer 2020 runway trends and its corresponding STU pieces to add to your summer staples.

Show 'Em Who's the (Stabilo) Boss

Stop them in their tracks with this vibrant, fearless trend, as seen on the Valentino runway. Dare to wear a full-on neon look, or tone it down by pairing it with neutrals. If you're not too keen on it, a fun accessory or bag like the Solano tote would suffice. Choosing clothing with subtle neon details like the Garoua wide-leg pants, are also one way to wear this trend (hit us up if you want a restock! ;p).

Point Blanc

Guess the LWD (Little White Dress) will be this season's must-have, and we're not complaining! White dresses are such no-brainer pieces because they go with anything and everything. You can toughen up a frilly frock à la Alexander McQueen, or work a dress-over-pants sitch with our Gapa shift dress and Nelspruit palazzo pants. Freshen up a utilitarian ensemble by trying our breathtaking Trieste trench dress with nautical-inspired accessories.

Bra Tops are the New Crop Tops

As Nelly sang in 2002, "it's getting hot in herre, so take off all your clothes..."; we can't help but be reminded of it what with the 34°-36°C weather nowadays. A solution to this heat? Wear a bra top! Make the Lanvin show a reference and playfully wear it with a layered midi skirt, or go matchy-matchy with our Caucaia eyelet set. If you're feeling more relaxed but still want a modern look, take the top from the Dasi set (halter style) and match it with the Elva overlap pants.

We Made the Cut(out)

Donning this trend is a subtle way to show skin, while still maintaining that elegant demeanor. At Emilia Wickstead, the focus was on the woman's décolleté for a rebel femme, black and pink garb. Reserve the pastel Vetralla for an evening affair or wedding, complete with a sleek bun. As for that postponed beach getaway, take the Ugento linen dress with you for a day-to-night outfit.  

Power Puff

Reserved this for last because we're too familiar with it, that calling it a "trend" no longer counts. Haha! What is an STU look without the puff sleeve? It's simply basic in our style vocabulary! We're digging this tie-dye ensemble from the Isabel Marant runway for its street chic vibe. We can totally mention all our puff sleeve styles here, but we don't want you to get dizzy. Instead, we're putting the spotlight on two checkered, scene-stealing styles that could add pizazz to your closet: the Kroonstad peplum top, and the Rionegro button-down dress.

Hope this sort of news gave you fresh outfit ideas for that "bright future" we're looking forward to (after this quarantine period). Once again, stay safe and be healthy, Seekers!



A Seeker's Spin: Agoo

Our second installment in this series was shot during a very exciting and eventful day: the US presidential elections! We trekked to Agoo Bengzon's airy home that fateful afternoon armed and ready while still reeling from the previous day's SC decision. Suffice to say, we were all a bit rattled but looking forward to the shoot. The whole team was glued to CNN in between prep and shots, anxiously waiting for the results in real time. It was also a coincidence that a lot of the garments brought from the HQ were mostly red and blue! Much to our shock, the red team won. #wewerewithHER 

Agoo was already a beauty junkie back in 2002 when I first met her in Summit. She loves to dress up with a concept in mind, often with a theme, punctuated with the right accessories down to the shade of her nail polish. Her hair is hardly out of place (unless intended) and she is rarely without make up, even at the beach. While it sounds like a lot of work, she pulls it off effortlessly that every time she'd enter the room after changing looks during the shoot, we would all go WOWWW. Agoo's post as Beauty Expert for Unilever Philippines is a natural progression from her past experience as Beauty Editor for Preview Magazine where she held the post for over 10 years. She's also known to switch hair color every few months (most recent one was a dusty rose) as well as for her perfect brows and hands with nails always adorned in the latest shade. She's also a guest blogger at Preview.ph where she writes about everything beauty. 

Agoo puts her layering skills to the test, giving a new twist on these STU favorites, including the ubiquitous caftan everyone loves. Here's hoping you pick up an idea or two on how to make your piece work overtime and get inspired to dress thematically with a lot of pizzaz, just like this lovely Seeker---matching nail polish and all. 

The Valmer linen dress is possibly one of the most flaterring silhouettes I've ever met. The a-line skirt is just wide enough to create an illusion of a tiny waist and the flutter sleeves give it a dose femininity without being too cheeky. Ladies, this one's a keeper! 

Agoo layers a pink cowl neck polo shirt under the dress to give it a fresh twist and cinches the waist with a maroon belt for contrast. Her furry sandals anchors the shirt perfectly. I happen to LOVE this color combination. You must try this at home! 

 The Couva maxi dress is one of my favorites! Despite the heavy gingham print, it doesn't drown the wearer since it's cut close to the upper body with a slimming waist and a flared, cut-out skirt. Looks sooo good with a bright shoe and accessory, too! I know I'll be wearing mine to death this holiday season.  

 Checks a tad too much? Tone it down by wearing a black sleeveless vest over it and ta-dahhh it's a brand new piece altogether! 

It doesn't get any sexier than the Lampedusa linen jumpsuit in this vibrant shade of cobalt. It's another strong contender for the season's many holiday parties and reunions. Steal the show in this number! 

She jazzes things up with equally bold accessories to go with the loud color--red lips included. Not much is needed after, just a lot of confidence and attitude and perhaps a signature scent. 

There are wrap skirts and then there's the Calabria, making you want to go out for an evening of salsa dancing. At least that's what it does for me. The sexy slit lets you move your legs to the beat of the music, catching the attention of your date in the best way possible. Ola! 

Leave it to Agoo to think of wearing it as a top with flared jeans and the Guanta bug statement necklace, adding a whimsical touch to this modern Boho look. 

Can't not include the Tanapuna embroidered caftan as she is a certified caftan lover. The soft cotton fabric lets you move with ease without missing out on the style factor. 

True to form, Agoo adds an embellished belt to cinch the waist and give it definition as well as lending a modern twist to the relaxed shape. 

Another caftan, this time the Chaguaras, gets an update with a white blazer thrown over it and paired with neutral snakeskin print flats. 

 A single feather earring complements the bohemian embroidery keeping the look cohesive.

And last, the winning red dress in crimson! The Maratea is quite the First Lady staple with its conservative cut, cinched waist and flared skirt. What sets it apart, however, is the color: no wallflower would dare to wear this and expect to go unnoticed! 

It also doubles as a jacket when unbuttoned and worn with a monochromatic top and pants. In fact, you can even pair it with matching prints inside and temper it with the dress-cum-jacket. Genius! 

Watch out for our next Seeker and more styling ideas for the holidays. 





A Seeker's Spin: Chinky

When producing a new collection, we always have our Seekers needs top of mind. Can it be worn to work all the way to cocktails? Is it comfortable enough to move in when toting a toddler while grocery shopping? Will it crumple too much in the suitcase en route to your destination? 

We created a new series here on the blog called "A Seeker's Spin" featuring real life STU shoppers who wear our clothes with pizzaz. We were curious to know how they'd style key pieces in more ways than it's meant to be worn, getting the most mileage from each purchase and justifying the cost per wear that is every shopaholic's hurdle. 

We start off with Chinky, a long time STU girl who pulls off the different looks as if every garment was made for her. I kid you not! She gamely posed for the camera with the ease of a natural, patiently waiting until we finished to grab a snack and a glass of chardonnay. We were more than happy with the results and surprised how each look transformed the pieces. Hope her looks inspire you to style your STU finds! 

The Greorieles multi-side top

The Greorieles multi tie side top is actually more versatile than you think.  Worn on its own, it elevates the common tunic into fashion-forward status with the side ties. Opt to throw a structured blazer for work and fling it off once you get to happy hour. 

A closer look at the side tie details. 

We layered it over a sequin top in a similar shade to temper the shine for daytime and paired it with torn white jeans for contrast and simple beige pumps. 

I like how the sequins are still peeking out of the sides, providing a break in between fabrics for a more fashionable spin. 

The Risaralda hand stitched wrap jacket is one part bohemian via the side tassles, one part preppy by way of the blue stitching. Pairing it with true blue jeans and straw slippers is a no brainer making it the prefect weekend uniform. 

The light cotton fabric is ideal for our tropical climate and feels so soft and cool on the skin. 

It's thin enough to layer over a button-down shirt for instant preppy appeal you can actually wear to work. Just make sure the shirt underneath isn't made of heavy or bulky material and needs to be slim fit to make the overall silhouette more streamlined. 

You can wear this in lieu of a jacket or cardigan in the office. 

The Onasis printed linen hanky skirt is nothing like your basic A-line skirt. The frayed and uneven hemline keeps it interesting and chic. Cotton ties on one side add that surprise factor and serves as accent. We paired it with a long sleeved tee for a clean, polished look. 

Easy to dress up or down with these side ribbon accent. 

We switched things up by pairing it with a stripe off the shoulder cotton tee for a little print on print action, yet keeping it within the same color family so it's not too much. Make sure the top is cut close to the body since the skirt is already flared. 

The Carros multilayer sleeved linen mini dress is this season's new LBD. Love the tiered sleeves and back cut-out giving the simple silhouette that something special. 

Viola! The Carros dress also doubles as a top worn under a voluminous tulle skirt, making it semi-formal appropriate. You can even wear this look to a garden wedding or cocktail event. 

The Bourvil chambray double tie front jumpsuit isn't your usual run-of-the-mill jumpsuit. The front ties create that element of surprise showing just the right amount of skin without being vulgar. Kept it casual with Birks and accessorised with a silk scarf. 

Knot it or make a ribbon, it's all up to you! 

Find the exposed skin a tad too much? Wear a tube top or bandeau underneath for added coverage. Finish it off with a statement necklace to keep the look from being boring. 

The Belgentier overlap slit top is one of those pieces that easily translate from work to play with just the addition of an accessory, like this cobalt statement necklace. We paired it with the Peillon flared linen pants for added drama. 

 Open it up and it becomes an unexpected cover up! 

Here's the total dinner-date ready look. We just put a sequin tank underneath and switched to open toe gold sandals and it's done! 

The Caroline open back tweed playsuit is the quintessential business in front, party at the back sorta piece. We added this cute Guanta bug statement necklace to add a pop of color and contrast to break the monotony. 

Layering a white polo and rolling up the sleeves instantly switches up the look to geek chic status. 

The Mantazas navy wrap linen top is your new office uniform, adding drama via the gorgeous voluminous sleeves. 

Looks great worn with a light bottom to really make the navy pop. 


We layered it with a blue and white stripe long sleeved tee to give it a casual nautical spin for the weekend. 

Happy styling, Seekers!

Until our next Spin,




Six to Seek: Utilitarian Prairie

Do you always stare at your closet and say, “I don’t have anything to wear!”, and yet your closet is filled to the brim? I know the feeling! Here at Seek the Uniq, we don’t only offer you fabulous pieces to choose from, but also ideas on how to wear them (and similar pieces you have in your closet). It’s time to get creative with six pieces we love – Androgyne 011 robe, Lamu skirt, Posoltega dress, Milnerton jumpsuit, Tiaski dress, and Pedrogao pants.

Since I like experimenting with looks, I came up with the theme, Utilitarian Prairie. I felt that this would work with the aforementioned pieces and still be attuned to the Seek the Uniq identity. Remember that working with a theme shouldn’t be constraining or literal. You can always put your twist to it.  

Remember Little House on the Prairie and all the fluffy dresses they wore in floral, gingham, and pleats? The characters did their chores and wore their dresses with boots, a definite utilitarian touch. It’s also very timely since one of the Spring 2016 trends is Prairie Chic.  

Photo via Vogue


Photo via

Mixing utilitarian pieces with Prairie Chic breaks the ultra-girly demeanor. For utilitarian style inspiration, I turned to Versace’s Spring 2016 campaign featuring top models Gigi Hadid, Raquel Zimmermann, and Natasha Poly.

Photo via

Get the Utilitarian Prairie look and learn to mix and match the Seek the Uniq way.

Who says loose on loose doesn’t work? Definitely not me! Go comfy with relaxed silhouettes by wearing the Androgyne 011 robe as a cover-up over a mullet blouse and cropped pants. Accessorize with eye-catching accessories like a graphic necklace and layered rope bracelets. Finish off with a boater hat and easy leather slides.

It’s okay to hold off wearing lace the dainty way sometimes. Play with textures, prints, and colors that give it a fresh look. Toughen the Lamu lace skirt with a fatigue green blouse and a brown cinch belt. Go minimal but still creative by wearing it with a printed scarf and gold earrings. A pair of leather espadrilles give it a raw touch.

Give your dress a styling update by wearing it as a top! This look certainly screams “modern prairie”. The boxy silhouette of the Posoltega dress works well with a pair of culottes. Highlight your waist with a colorful fabric belt (good thing this dress comes with one!). Finish off with neutral-toned accessories and espadrilles.

Make wearing white more flattering with the right mix of layers. Soften the utilitarian Milnerton jumpsuit by layering it with a floral scarf vest. Glam it up with heels, jewelry, and a cool hat!

If you want to try print-on-print but in a subtle manner, learn the art of accessorizing. Make sure that the prints and colors are complementary so as to balance the look. Wear the Tiaski dress with a printed scarf for a fun contrast. Pair with leather slides or even sneakers.

This classic palette need not be boring with quirky details such as a unique necklace and printed head scarf. Move comfortably in the wide-leg  pants that feature a special eyelet combination. Wear it with an asymmetrical top and espadrilles or flats.

Mix, match and seek these six pieces to try the looks now! Have fun updating your closets!



Contributing Stylist


DIY Boho Sandals



I often see something for sale and think, "I can make that!", but never actually do. Well times are changing and this project is much too fun to pass up. I promise you it's not that hard. You just need a little patience, a sprinkle of creativity, and a few extra hands help too! Best of all, you get to give those trusty old pair of sandals a second life. 




Get your pompoms and stick them to the fixed strap of your sandals.

Press down gently to make sure your pompoms are secure.

Finish all the way around making sure there are no gaps between pompoms.

Finish all the way around.

 Open the jack ring with your pliers and insert your beads.

String it on to your sandals' laces and close.

Loop your tassel through a high part of your sandals. Make sure it won't touch the ground when worn. 

Add your finishing touches. 

Voila! The coolest pair of sandals you'll ever own. 

Just looking at them makes me so happy!! With footwear this busy, make sure to wear it with the right outfit. 

Your sandals will stand out when worn with bright white!

Wear them high with the Eldoret Playsuit...

...or tie them low with the Ruiru Cutout Top and a pair of white coulettes.

The Velddrif Jumpsuit's neutral color would also pair well with a busy sandal.

 Or go full on boho chic and pair it with the Keffiyeh Oversized Caftan and Rimba Handwoven Basket.

I'm so excited to see the other designs you guys come up with. Just have fun with it!


Happy Crafting!